Custom extrusions.
Rapid prototyping.
Tooling development.

How is it that a small family owned and operated extrusion business can take on giant, half million pound orders from the likes of The Walt Disney Company and turn them around so quickly? It only happens when you have the kind of deep experience to run an amazingly efficient, nimble operation. Which is exactly the performance we bring and our customers come to expect. Whether it’s custom-made or picking up a project from an existing contract…

Nicosin Custom Extrusion has you covered.

Services & Products

Whether you need custom profile extrusions, custom tubing extrusion, filament extrusion, or wire or cable jacketing/insulation, we are your plastic provider. Read More

Custom Profiles

Any shape. Any size. Any material. Any questions? If there’s a custom tube, pipe or any other type of unique profile to be extruded, Nicosin Extrusion makes it possible. Read More

3D Printing Materials

We produce some of the highest quality filament made from the highest quality resins and have been proven on many different printer models. Get it done right the first time. Read More